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As part of the Together Against Bullying financial support program implemented by the Government of Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille, Sport’Aide has developed a new approach inspired by best practices and adapted to the reality of the sport community in order to prevent and counter bullying.

Presented under the theme Take action! Counter bullying in sports, this unique approach aims to equip the entire sports community as well as the general public in order to tackle this societal problem.

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Bullying exists everywhere, even in sport.

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Take action! Counter bullying in sports offers a multitude of original content to meet your needs. Awareness clips, posters, tools, conferences and even comic strips for young people are made available to you in the tabs meant for the various stakeholders in the sports community. There you will find the latest editions of The Adventures of Cindy.

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Cindy Ouellet represented Canada at four Paralympic Games in wheelchair basketball (3 times) and in Para-Nordic skiing (once). She is one of the rare athletes to have participated in both the Summer and Winter Games. However, she doesn’t just stand out for her athletic accomplishments. She is also an example of academic perseverance, completing a Ph.D. in bio-medical engineering from the University of Southern California, not to mention her 12 years of conservatory in piano. In short, she represents the quintessence of integral human development.

A two-time winner of the Vanier Cup with Laval University’s Rouge et Or, champion of the most recent Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now playing for the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL), Antony Auclair joined Sport’Aide in order to prevent and take action against bullying in sport. A great example of success, since he is a synonym for perseverance and tenacity, Antony represents a model to follow for our young athletes. Having experienced bullying himself in his youth, the message from the Texans #83 – influenced by the importance of leadership and respect – will affect the people who will see, like we say here, that he has his heart in the right place.

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Understanding bullying: repetition (Part 1)

Over the years, bullying has become a catchphrase often used indiscriminately to speak about violence between young people. Bullying is then confused with conflict, teasing or insults. Yet, there are huge differences between these behaviours. Read more...

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  • Antony Auclair
    Moved by Sport’Aide’s mission, I am very proud to be associated with the organization to promote the “Take action!” approach which aims to counter bullying, a phenomenon that is still too prevalent in our society. That is why we must all act together and take more responsibility for our actions and words. I really want to meet with young people to discuss these issues with them, since we all have a role to play.”
    Antony Auclair
    Football player
  • Elda Moreno
    The rules of the game must be perfectly clear: in sports, bullying is unacceptable not tolerated. To eliminate it, you have to know how to recognize it, be able to denounce it and want to prevent it.
    Elda Moreno, Head of the Children’s Rights and Sport Values Department,
    Council of Europe
  • Jean-Michel Collin

    Sport'Aide a has played a major role in supporting and guiding us in order to develop a policy against abuse and intimidation in our club.

    Therefore, it is not surprising to see them create an approach as innovative as the “Take Action! Counter bullying in sports” program. Sport'Aide is a catalyst that is changing the Quebec sports landscape. They have transformed our club, for the well-being of our youth.

    Jean-Michel Collin, Technical Director
    Phénix des Rivières de Québec
  • I applaud the work of the Sport’Aide team, the young filmmakers Jérémy Légaré and Thierry Sorlini, as well as all the extras for having succeeded in putting into images and without clichés, a reality that a certain number of young athletes live in silence. I am confident that the messages conveyed by these videos will succeed in raising awareness and shaking our values so that all young people can grow personally by pursuing their passion for sport. Congratulations to the entire team!
    Claire Beaumont, Ph.D.
    Professor and Research Chair, Bienêtre à l’école et prévention de la violence, Université Laval
  • By launching Take action! Counter bullying in sports, Sport’Aide once again shows leadership by implementing an avant-garde initiative that will serve the entire sports community.
    Denis Servais
    Sport'Aide Chairman
  • Les Explorateurs are proud to accompany Sport’Aide in order to counter bullying since we are committed to children thriving in all aspects of their life, today and for the future.
    Claudia Morissette
    Editor-in-chief - Magazine Les Explorateurs
  • Take action! Counter bullying in sports: a global, positive and inclusive intervention!  Great job Sport’Aide!
    Cindy Ouellet
    Paralympic athlete
  • Having barely arrived at Sport’Aide, we felt all the passion and devotion of this team. It is this magnificent energy that inspired these frank and honest clips.
    Félix-Antoine Dupuis, Jérémy Légaré, Thierry Sorlini
    Production of clips
  • Sport is an excellent opportunity to thrive and all athletes, regardless of their age or their level, deserve to practice it in a healthy environment, free from all types of violence. Each one of us has a role to play so that our sports environments are safe and motivating. I am pleased to launch the new initiative by Sport’Aide Take action! Counter bullying in sports which will certainly contribute to successfully fulfill this societal challenge.
    Isabelle Charest
    Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
  • We cannot tolerate any act of bullying, regardless of its form and the environment in which it is taken. The world of sport is not an exception. That is why I sincerely thank Sport’Aide for their initiative which aims to prevent and counter bullying. The measures implemented as part of the Take action! Counter bullying in sports project will make a real difference for the athletes.
    Mathieu Lacombe
    Minister of Families and Minister Responsible for the Outaouais Region
  • Bullying in a sports environment is unacceptable and prevents sport from playing its positive role among athletes and the community. With Take action! Counter bullying in sports, not only is Sport’Aide innovating, but it is contributing to making sport a healthier environment for youth. This initiative will surely be recognized beyond our borders.
    Sylvie Parent
    Full Professor, Department of Physical Education, Université Laval

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