The Victim and Bystander clips aim to raise awareness among athletes. You can present them rapidly at the beginning of the season during your first coaching session, thus showing that you do not accept bullying on your team. Parental model and Parent-child discussion are meant for parents. A good idea would be to present them at a parent meeting at the beginning of the season. In all cases, you can share each clip with the people concerned on the social media as a reminder of the expected behaviours.


The posters reiterate the major themes discussed in the awareness-raising clips. Once again, you can share them with the people concerned on the social media or you can propose that your club print and display them in your sports installations.

Comic strips

The Adventures of Cindy take on the problem of bullying in a playful and educational way. They are meant for children age 11 and under. They are an excellent way to approach good and bad behaviours in sport with your athletes. They can also be used as an educational sanction in case of bullying (carry out a reflection on one of them). You can also have them sent to parents so that they discuss the topic with their children.


Discussing is meant for parents. You can have it sent to them to ensure that they hold healthy sports discussions with their child. The other three tools are meant to help you counter bullying. These tools are free, but only on request. Contact us to obtain an electronic version.


Sport'Aide offers a range of conferences and activities which examine the theme of bullying or any other topic concerning violence in a sports environment. These conferences are adaptable to your needs. Contact us for more information or ask your club to contact us.

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